Does Laser Cellulite Treatment Really Work? (+ 3 Best Devices)

Laser treatments for cellulite are a popular choice for women who want to improve the appearance of this unsightly problem. This article will help you find the best treatment devices that are right for you and your needs.

Cellulite is a phenomenon that sends 90% of modern women into surgery. It’s possible, however, to get rid of it without any surgical procedures? There are many methods for reducing the appearance and severity in which this condition appears on your body, with varying degrees of success rates based on individual treatments. 

The most popular at the present time would be laser treatment; a non-invasive procedure using light waves from devices like Lasers that can remove toxins deep within fatty tissues while improving blood circulation by breaking down these waste products through heating them up – all without leaving scars.

This article will tell you in detail what laser treatment is, how it works in the fight against cellulite, and its effectiveness based on scientific research. We will also look at the best devices and additional products to get a better result.

What is laser treatment for getting rid of cellulite?

Laser treatment is gaining popularity for treating cellulite. The technique involves applying light or radiofrequency energy directly onto the subcutaneous fat to help your body break down these deposits more easily, without risk of adverse reactions like inflammation or infection that can sometimes occur when surgery’s performed on select areas near this fatty tissue.

This new trend in cellulite reduction has become more popular recently, with the claim that it is a non-invasive treatment and requires little or no downtime.

There are two types of treatments for this condition: quick procedures where certain areas may be targeted multiple times; these can take place on larger surfaces if necessary because they’re less time-consuming than individual passes (although there’s always some initial discomfort).

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How to treat cellulite with laser therapy?

Cellulite is a condition that can affect anyone, regardless of gender or skin type. Cellulite occurs when fat cells become artery-clogged with fluid and produce lumps under the skin, causing it to look bumpy orange peel-like in appearance. 

Men who have thicker skins are less likely than females with thin ones to develop this problem on their hips/thighs due primarily because they’re better equipped for dealing with pressure from above; however, even thinner males may still get some form of cellulitis markers are found predominantly near lower body parts such as legs which contain more compacted tissue making them susceptible.

The fatty deposits in the body may cause people to live with a variety of health problems. This includes hip, thigh, or buttocks fat changes as well as back-related concerns such as an uneven shape that can be found in some areas, for example, around your stomach area due to accumulated fats from around these parts.

The formation of cellulite
The formation of cellulite

Laser treatment is a non-surgical procedure that allows the removal of these unsightly blemishes as well as other problems such as age spots, spider veins, and stretch marks.

The laser energy is gradually transferred to the inner layers of skin and subcutaneous fat tissue, which encourages body cells to release their retained water. This causes excess fluids in unwanted places like cellulite-ridden thighs or arms; new collagen forms at a cellular level, softer, smoother-looking skin results.

The laser treatment helps the body break down fatty deposits that cause cellulite while also increasing blood flow to those areas and reducing fat in other parts of the skin. This will lead your overall appearance; more importantly for us here — you’ll be less likely than ever before at least one day out from surgery if it goes well enough: because we know what happens when there’s a lack of bad circulation (spotting) due to low levels on nutrients like iron found within healthy red meat protein sources such as beef tenderloin steaks.

Cellulite treatment with laser therapy
Cellulite treatment with laser therapy

The effectiveness of laser in cellulite treatment based on clinical trials

Cellulite is a common problem for women, especially around the thighs and buttocks. Many treatments have been proposed to treat it, but none are very effective in clinical trials so far because they weren’t designed specifically with this condition in mind–that’s why non-invasive options like laser therapy or radiofrequency treatment work better than surgical ones do. Taking into account all sorts of research data might help you figure out what’s best suited towards your needs when looking at possible solutions available just recently within our society today that could really change lives forever if used correctly.

In this article, we explore some recent studies concerning various types:

A study [1] involved 57 patients who had visible signs of cellulite. They underwent a three-stage treatment with the help of an 840 nm laser, and it turned out well, as 90% reported being satisfied after just six months.

In 2012, a study [2] was conducted on 16 patients with visible grade II and III cellulite. They received the only treatment available: Laser therapy at wavelength 1440 nm for less than an hour per week over ten weeks – it worked more than 50% better when subjects had been reportedly unhappy with their appearance in public or before clients before this procedure. No side effects have been reported so far.

The result of cellulite treatment with a laser with a wavelength of 1440 nm
The result of cellulite treatment with a laser with a wavelength of 1440 nm

A perfect blend of RF and intense IR massage, combined with mechanical muscle tension to target cellulite cells. Successful results have been reported from studies conducted on this treatment system that’s just a few short weeks old.

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Results from a recent study [3] showed that cellulite patients treated with the TriActive laser twice per week for six weeks experienced significant improvement in their condition. In contrast, those who were submitted to VelaSmooth treatment saw no difference when compared side-by-side with the controls group, which received no external interference during testing timeframes. The results showed impressive changes in hip circumference and overall skin condition for each device, but it is worth noting that there was an increased incidence of bruising after treatment with VelaSmooth compared to TriActive.

The following study [4] aimed to explore the effects of botox on skin appearance. Ten patients were recruited for 12 sessions, each lasting 30 minutes and held twice weekly; as a result, all participants noted improvement after just 1 session. Improvement was seen not only externally but also internally such that by week 2, most had seen an enhancement in their own skins’ appearances – this persisted throughout the entire course duration (12 weeks).

The new study [5] found that radiofrequency/infrared combination massage devices can treat mild bilateral cellulite of the thighs and buttocks in adult women. The results were impressive, with over 90% reporting an improvement on average. Side effects ranged from minor erythema for most patients (transient) or bruising after two treatments; however, only 2 people had side effects beyond this point-one developed a red rash all around her legs while another one did not have any more symptoms even though he received 6 sessions total before stopping due to his wife becoming pregnant. After 8 weeks, there was approximately 50% less circumference left at their largest points by our measurements 3 months post-treatment completion.

The result of treatment with a combined radiofrequency/infrared massage machine
The result of treatment with a combined radiofrequency/infrared massage machine
It can be concluded that laser treatment is an effective method to combat cellulite. The skin becomes smoother and more elastic. It is also worth noting the positive aspects of treatment sessions using combined radiofrequency radiation and infrared light, which also led to an improvement in the overall appearance of cellulite and skin condition.

Most effective cellulite treatment devices

VOYOR Handheld Massager

The Voyor Handheld Massager can be used to treat cellulite thanks to its deep massage technology. It comes with a set of different heads that are designed for one-time use or combined treatments, which means you’re getting the best results possible. The device has three adjustable speeds and is rechargeable (battery included).

The device is an excellent way to get rid of cellulite and other skin imperfections. You can use it for getting relaxed muscle or joint pain relief as well, with interchangeable attachments that will help you cleanse your face and body effectively.

The first noticeable results should be seen two months into regular usage: 10-20 minutes three times per week seems like a good balance between effectiveness and time commitment needed by most people in order not become discouraged from using this machine regularly following their natural tendency (which would be too much).

Sensica Sensifirm

Sensica Sensifirm is a device used for the treatment of cellulite. Its main focus is to reduce localized fat, decrease the size and number of cells in your skin that hold onto it, as well as increase blood flow. The technology behind this product uses Lipotherm radiofrequency (RF) technology which penetrates deep into those pesky areas we want to go our thighs or other problem zones with heat from an electric current so you can start feeling more confident about yourself again today.

The Sensica Sensifirm is the perfect solution for those who are looking to rid their bodies of cellulite. With a single charge that will last an hour, this cordless device can be used every week for only 10 minutes per session. 3 months’ worth of continuous use should yield noticeable results in just one month – so don’t wait any longer and buy yours today.

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L(A)B Anti-Cellulite Device

L(A)B’s Anti-Cellulite Device has been proven to be an effective, non-invasive method of fighting cellulite. The combination of Radiofrequency (RF), Infrared light, and mechanical massage used in this device have been shown time after time as being able to reduce fat on thighs, buttocks arms. It also tones up the skin area treated for a more healthy look all around.

L(A)B Device stimulates the production of collagen to make your skin look and feel firmer. The device also increases blood flow in treated areas which speeds up healing time for damaged or aged-looking tissue, delivering an improved quality that you can notice immediately.

Clinical trials have shown that treatment with L(A)B device twice per week for only 10 minutes in each session reduces cellulite. The results are visible after 6 weeks of treatments, and it’s a great way to get rid of the unsightly bulge.

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Benefits of cellulite reduction with laser therapy

  • Non-ablative skin rejuvenation

One of the great benefits of laser therapy is its non-ablative properties. Regardless of your skin color or how much melanin you naturally produce, a light spectrum targeted at specific chromophores cannot absorb into our bodies, and we will notice an overall purifying effect on ourselves as these wastes begin coming out from beneath surface-level cells, in turn making way for a healthier-looking complexion than ever before.

  • Skin tightening and cellulite reduction

Laser treatment can increase the metabolic and circulatory function in the tissue, leading to improved delivery of oxygen. This will result in a reduction of cellulite while tightening skin cells as well.

  • Reduction of surgical procedures 

Cellulite, stretch marks, and other skin imperfections are not only unsightly but can be painful. Laser treatment is a safe, effective way to reduce these conditions in the shortest amount of time possible, with little pain or recovery needed afterward.

  • Faster rehabilitation 

The laser is an effective cellulite treatment. After your session, you can recover within minutes and avoid stitches with this alternative traditional surgery option that requires minimal recovery time.

  • Less post-operative complications 

Laser treatment is a well-established technique that has been used for years to address this problem. Also, no anesthesia is required during the process, and it can be done in just one visit.Laser treatment is a well-established technique that has been used for years for this purpose. Also, no anesthesia is required during the process.

Additional products to improve the result

We know that laser cellulite treatment is the best way for some people, but we also offer a series of products to help maintain your result and keep you looking good. These things stimulate circulation to make parts more active which will improve their effectiveness after just one use. In addition, they prevent water retention, so skin stays smooth all day long too. Besides laser cellulite treatment, we offer a series of products that will help improve the result and maintain a lasting. These products stimulate circulation to make the parts of the body more active and therefore improve the result of cellulite treatment. In addition, they prevent water retention in tissues and help maintain smooth skin.

Scala Cellulite Massager

The Scala Cellulite Massager is a brush mitt to smooth away your unwanted bumps and creases. It has an uneven surface designed specifically for problem areas, which will stimulate the skin while also helping tighten it up.


  • Exfoliates skin to help reduce the appearance of cellulite unclogs pores and refines all body parts for a more youthful look;
  • The bristles on these massaging combs are natural and gentle, made for a soothing massage;
  • The perfect gift for your skin, this oil helps promote healthy cell turnover and keeps the complexion hydrated.;
  • The numbing agent in a wrap is a key component to the relief of aches and pains.

Body Toning Cellulite Program

The Body Toning Cellulite Program is a 2-step detoxifying plan that reduces the appearance of cellulite. It does this with a combination of body brushing and an application for your skin, which helps boost circulation in order to release built-up fatty deposits from within.Can be used in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet.


  • This is the perfect product for dry skin;
  • The medicinal benefits of this system include stimulating the lymphatic system and increases blood circulation;
  • It is made with natural ingredients proven to reduce cellulite, including licorice root extract and sweet almond oil.

Body Brushing Cellulite Duo

The Body Brushing Cellulite Duo is a set of two products that work in tandem to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The body brush can be used for circular motions, stimulating circulation, and exfoliating skin while the fruit enzymes made with natural plant extracts help fight against its symptoms, so it leaves your curves feeling soft and silky.


  • With natural bristles, the brush is gentle on your skin.
  • This exfoliator is designed to stimulate circulation and give your skin a younger, healthier tone;
  • Ideal for use on the entire body (except feet and inner thighs).

Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow

The Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow Scrub is a product that contains essential oils and monoi oil. It helps rid the body of dead cells, leaving behind you feeling refreshed after each use.


  • Made with 100% natural ingredients, and we never use parabens;
  • Exfoliating, moisturizing salt scrub for the body is perfect to have you feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day;
  • Created with a blend of essential oils that provide the perfect balance between relaxation and wakefulness.


There are many ways to get rid of cellulite, but laser treatment has become a popular option for those who do not want surgery or another type of injection. This non-invasive procedure uses energy waves that travel through the skin and fat layers into connective tissue underneath the surface – where they’re able to break down fibrous components responsible for causing dimpling in thighs, hip pockets (and other problem areas), making you more confident about yourself all over again.

These treatments are not invasive, and you can resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment.


🤔 Does laser treatment for cellulite work?

Yes, lasers can certainly reduce the appearance of cellulite by breaking up fatty deposits and stimulating collagen growth. This leads to smoother skin.

🔍 How many sessions will I need to get rid of my cellulite?

Whether it’s a couple of sessions or five, the average fat reduction is around 30-40%. However, this will depend on how severe your cellulite condition is. It can take up to 5 treatments for some people with bad-looking buttock muscles and lumps all over their bodies as they attempt to make them go away by any means necessary.

⏳ How long will my results last?

Collagen is a substance in our skin that gives it elasticity, so when collagen levels are higher, you get a better tone and texture. The laser treatment lasts about 6-12 months before another needs to be done for maintenance purposes – but don’t worry because these sessions only take 10 minutes each at most.

📌 What about the risks and side effects of laser cellulite treatment?

Laser cellulite treatments are very safe, but some patients may experience mild bruising at the site and a bit of soreness in their treated areas for up to five days. Most people feel rejuvenated after just one treatment.

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