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HairMax laser comb
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HairMax Laser Comb: What is it and How Does it Work

Modern technology gives many opportunities to take care of your hair at home. Innovative devices such as laser combs are used to maintain scalp tone and prevent hair loss. In this article, we will look at the HairMax laser comb, how it is used, and how effective it is based on scientific research.
iRestore vs Capillus
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iRestore vs Capillus: Does LLLT Hair Loss Treatment Really Work?

Hair loss is a problem that 40% of people face every year. Regrowth-promoting helmet and cap systems are an increasingly popular balding solution. Therefore, we will showcase two brands that produce them — iRestore and Capillus. Here you will find the features of the devices, their differences, as well as the effectiveness of this treatment method based on scientific research.

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