Heliotherapy Research Institute

Heliotherapy Research Institute is a privately funded non commercial organization that supports the research of phototherapy, its healing effects and the practical uses


International cooperation

Research Project Funding

Light Therapy Popularization

Conducted 18 seminars about light therapy

Funded 25 research projects

52 publications in peer-reviewed journals

International cooperation between Institutes

Scholarship for Medical Students

Our scholarship focuses on experimentation and research into the different uses of light waves of different lengths to treat certain skin conditions. Applications can be made based on academic qualifications.

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Who We Are?

We are medical researchers and experts who conduct light therapy, dermatology, and skincare research. Most of our specialists have 15+ years of practice with high prestige among scientists to study phototherapy.


What we do

We conduct impactful research and evaluation in light therapy. We build on more than 15 years of experience, using a high-quality approach to ensure careful understanding of the action for utilizing light therapy. Utilizing sophisticated techniques ensures our investigations are useful and influential!


Sign up for the scholarship

Sign up for the scholarship